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TIGEMER, founded by Cihat ÖZNER in 2014, imports and exports with its expert staff, as well as provides foreign trade consultancy services with the idea of transferring its experience to other companies.

TIGEMER, which carries out the import and export of many products, especially in the metal, mining and foundry sectors, within the scope of Import and Export, produces solutions to all kinds of foreign trade needs of our manufacturers

with different strategies.
Pure Magnesium Ingot 99.90%, Magnesium Alloy Ingot 90%, Magnesium Granule, Scrap Magnesium Parts, Heat Treatment Salts, Manganese, Silica, Olivine and Fluorine (flourspar) are our main products.

Within the Scope of Domestic Sales, TIGEMER sets a different domestic sales strategy with low purchasing, logistics and operation costs. It makes a difference in domestic sales by taking its power from bulk purchase and reflecting it to its customers. As part of the Consultancy, TIGEMER takes the image of the IMPORT or EXPORT department of your Company and appears on the international platform on behalf of you. Everyone we contact sees that you are importing or exporting at an institutional structure and level. TIGEMER, which makes a difference especially with its operations management service, has become the choice of many companies. Foreign Trade Operations Management, Import consulting Service and Export Consulting services are the services we provide.

The leading companies of the sector in which we work within the scope of Foreign Trade, Domestic Sales and Consultancy are among our references, and TIGEMER, which has proven itself in terms of institutionality and quality with dec long-term work, is happy to share its references.

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  • Foreign Trade Operations Management
    Foreign Trade Operations Management
    Increase your sales while TİGEMER takes care of the details with Corporate Logistics purchasing and professional operation management.
  • İmport Consultancy Service
    İmport Consultancy Service
    TIGEMER benefits our companies that purchase raw materials and final products by using import management to reduce their inputs, provided that they are connected to the product and sector.
  • Export Consultancy Service
    Export Consultancy Service
    Increase your sales while TIGEMER takes care of the details with corporate logistics purchasing and professional operations management.