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In accordance with the contract concluded with an important and high-quality ore mine of Turkey, we regularly and sustainably sell olivine of high quality. Most of our sales are our export sales.

Iron-Steel Industry: Nowadays, the most used area of olivine is the iron and steel industry. In this branch of industry, olivine is used as a part charge in blast furnaces, furnace metallurgy and slag regulator.


Refractory Industry : Due to the high degree of melting, the construction of olivine forsterite bricks has been carried out since 1930.

The refractoriness of forsterite brick is around 1890 °C and it is mainly used in the iron and steel industry, cement industry and in the construction of safety lining bricks and monolithic refractory materials in many furnaces required by high temperature.

Olivine is also used for coating the inside of crucibles.