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Magnesium Casting

Magnesium Casting

As TIGEMER, we have a magnesium casting experience of about 30 years. The quality and continuity of magnesium casting is completely proportional to the experience. Magnesium part casting directly affects the quality and strength with the special cases it contains. The structure, dimensions and precision of the part to be cast are the deciding elements for the casting technique. We make castings with different alloys for the desired quality according to the usage area of the requested material. AM60, AZ91 are the prominent alloys among them.

We are one of the rare companies that make castings by ensuring accuracy and continuity, including many countries of Turkey and Europe.

We export to many countries with our factory, which has the capacity of casting 50 tons per day.

Although Magnesium Alloy Ingot, Magenzium Anode, Magnesium Part are our leading products, we meet the needs of our customers by providing solutions to different product demands.

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