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Import Consultancy Service

Import Consultancy Service

TIGEMER benefits our companies that purchase raw materials and final products by using import management to reduce their inputs, provided that they are connected to the product and sector. Firstly, TIGEMER prepares a preliminary research report for you by analyzing you, your sector, the product you want to import, the supplier countries, suppliers, customs legislation, shipping and payment methods in detail. In accordance with this prepared report, the import process allows you to determine the suitability or incompatibility by revealing the decision.

In accordance with the positive import preliminary research report, companies that have decided to import are primarily given the ability to import. Then the supplier country and suppliers are determined. We carry out letter of credit writing and opening, loading of products, international transportation operations, loading inspection and testing operations, insurance operations, customs clearance operations, internal transportation operations and all other operations arising from import within TIGEMER to ensure that the products reach your warehouse.

TIGEMER provides you with professional solutions by managing all stages in-house until the entry of the products into your warehouse completely and without errors with the principle of zero risk.


What are the Benefits We Provide You?

Pro Management
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